Job Application - Catholic Charities Steuben/Livingston

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Clinical Supervisor


The Clinical Supervisor is responsible to the Residential Services Director for the daily operation of the community residence and SLP. Serves as the designated health care coordinator of the programs. The Clinical Supervisor is the immediate supervisor of all staff within the community residence as well as the SLP Counselor.



  1. Oversees the delivery of comprehensive services with a therapeutic environment at the community residence and SLP.
  2. Ensures the admission and orientation paperwork meets OASAS standards and completes the admission indicator and level of care assessments.
  3. Ensures all residents have a medical history recorded and a physical exam performed within 45 days of admission.
  4. Ensures the following: comprehensive service plans are prepared within 30 days of the development of the initial service plan, service plans are reviewed at least every three months thereafter and signed as required by the supervisor.
  5. Ensures the discharge plans provide for the specific needs of a resident and prepared in collaboration with the resident.
  6. Ensures progress notes are prepared at least once per week and reflect the goals and objectives of the service plan.
  7. Ensures all records are locked and medications are stored and monitored according to program policy.
  8. Ensures all residents receive comprehensive case management services and complete access to community services for legal, mental health, social services, vocational assessments, and misc. needs.

Administrative Responsibilities:

  1. Ensures the adherence of confidentiality regulations.
  2. Ensures the community residence and SLP sites meet the OASAS facility requirements for safety and cleanliness.
  3. Ensures fire drills are conducted on a monthly basis and at a variety of times.
  4. Ensures utilization reports are completed and turned in to the Residential Services Director at the beginning of every month.
  5. Ensures the timely submission of all applicable OASAS data reports relative to the provision of services at the beginning of every month.
  6. Monitors the monthly expenses of the programs.
  7. Meets with the Residential Services Director for supervision, attends agency leadership meetings, and facilitates case reviews.

Supervisory Responsibilities:

  1. Ensures staff will receive orientation and on the job training.
  2. Ensures staff will have scheduled supervision and periodic performance evaluations.
  3. Ensures staff will receive training in the following areas: chemical dependence, individual group and family counseling, therapies and other activities supportive of recovery, communicable diseases, infection control, supervision and quality control.
  4. Ensures the staff provide quality of care to those we serve.



License Requirement: The Clinical Supervisor shall be a New York State licensed qualified professional with at least three years of clinical experience in chemical dependence treatment.

Three years clinical and/or administrative experience in chemical dependence services required.