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Program Aide


The primary function of the Gateways Program Aide is to assist and support the duties, tasks and responsibilities of a full-time staff member during his/her absence or while working together. Provide a continuity of service through hands-on experience to residents of various Gateways programs (Luce St Community Residence, the Shelter or the Sunshine Program) while maintaining a safe environment. Duties may be performed while working alone or with a co-worker and may be performed during a daytime, evening or overnight shift.

This Current position is Thursday and Friday and Saturday Overnights 


1.       Be available on a limited part time or per diem basis.

2.       Never leave the facility unattended.

3.       Read weekly recent case notes, daily log and incident reports to understand the day’s situation and each resident’s status.

4.       Supervise, instruct and assist with the completion of resident’s apartment/bedroom chores, house chores, laundry, meal preparation, other daily routines as identified or scheduled for the shift and any planned group and/or individual activities with residents.

5.       Provide direction and support to residents by addressing resident issues and providing appropriate necessary assistance particularly with regard to crisis situations, as they arise.

6.       Monitor resident activity and whereabouts.

7.       Complete hourly room checks during the over-night hours.

8.       Monitor all visitors and maintain client and visitor curfews as well as policies.

9.       Maintain documentation in the Daily/Shift Log and/or Client/Progress Notes that pertains to significant events - progress toward goals, daily struggles, difficulty with other residents, collateral contacts with resident’s providers, resident medications, or staff interaction with resident.

10.   Follow each program’s medication protocols.

11.   Arrange for transportation as deemed necessary by each program’s practice with regard to emergencies, scheduled appointments, pharmacy and community or agency activities.

12.   Follow agency safety, and emergency protocols. Carry panic alarms and/or cell phones. Know the emergency contacts and the location of emergency supplies at each facility.

13.   Keep abreast of and follow all program policies and procedures.

14.   Attend any mandatory staff meetings and staff development trainings.

15.   Other duties as assigned.

16.   If working overnight shift at the Community Residence - remove food items from freezer that will be needed for next day’s meal preparation, clean staff bathroom, empty trash, check and log thermostat temperatures of freezer and refrigerators.



High School Diploma or GED.

Two years of experience.

A combination of education and experience may be substituted at the discretion of the Executive Director.