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Director of Warehouse Operations

Director of Warehouse Operations

Starting Salary: $72,000 annually, based on experience

It matters where you work.

Nobody knows better than you that where you work matters when you're exploring a new job. We think that by forming diverse teams of committed, passionate people, we can continue to stand up for hunger in communities, putting them at the center of every decision, and strengthening the communities in which we all work, play, and live.


We urge you to join a team that encourages, inspires, and challenges one another, and to advance your career in an organization that recognizes rising leaders and offers development and training opportunities tailored to your specific goals and objectives. If you want to perform important work, including raising your voice to upset the status quo we are the place for you.


Our full-time staff has a schedule that is strong on work-life balance, working Monday – Thursday 7-3 and Friday 7-12. They receive competitive salaries and a generous benefits package, including a paid leave that starts at two weeks annually and grows.


The Food Bank of the Southern Tier invites you to join our team of mission-driven staff who share a common vision: creating a future without hunger where access to healthy food by all is recognized as fundamental to the well-being and success of individuals and the foundation of a strong, vibrant society.

We hold ourselves and others accountable to an inclusive work culture offering equitable opportunities. We support our team to be themselves and encourage all voices to be heard.


Who you are:

-          A strong person with four years of experience in managing a warehouse and/or product distribution center

-          You understand food safety, sanitation, and OSHA safety.

-          You have knowledge of finance and can manage a budget

-          You have a great understanding of delegating

-          Detail oriented and well organized 

-          Very diligent and can manage time constraints to meet deadlines

-          Great interpersonal skills and know-how to manage people

-          You have the drive to help people with food insecurity by using all of your many skills

-          You just love the work










What you’ll do:

Warehouse Operations

·         Establishes annual goals and objectives.

·         Ensuring effective and efficient warehouse procedures, including processes related to product receiving, storage, distribution, inventory management, and any other related operations.

·         At the direction of the Chief Operating Officer (COO), collaborates with the Production Manager and coordinates the flow of raw products into the production room and timely distribution of finished goods.

·         Possess a high-level working knowledge of all food programs, including HPNAP, TEFAP, Wholesale Food, Mobile Food Pantry, BackPack, Donated, Healthy Harvest, and other programs as established.

·         Uses program and partner knowledge to effectively manage the flow of all products, maximizing quality control, inventory management, and reducing costs associated with waste.

·         Effectively manages virtual and physical inventory and ensures the quality of the product (e.g., expiration dates, stock rotation, etc.).

·         Analyzes all inventory issues such as outages and discrepancies and creates procedures to improve inventory controls.

·         Assumes the lead role in weekly cycle count and/or biannual inventory process.

·         Maintain schedules and logs for related events such as registrations, inspections, service orders, etc., and reports any problems to the COO.

·         Serves as the lead in facilitating distribution of goods and services from the warehouse operations team to all needed deliveries, events, food drive pick-ups, mobile food pantry distributions, and retail/donor pick-ups and maintaining a high level of communication to parties involved as needed.

·         Works with Food Sourcing Manager, Receiver, and within Feeding America guidelines, to execute all retail and donor-related pick-ups while maintaining positive relationships and outlook of partnerships.

·         Serves as the liaison between Community Impact and Business Services in resolving any discrepancies related to product distribution.

·         Identify and communicate agency issues related to inventory and food safety and develops strategies to distribute non-menu or slow moving items in an acceptable manner.

·         Facilitates pallet and dunnage disposition.

·         High ability to delegate multiple initiatives to staff to accomplish a multitude of daily directives and requests.


·         Responsible for the overall fleet and warehouse equipment maintenance program.

·         Responsible for facility maintenance.

·         Maintains a clean, organized warehouse, free of pests and debris and within acceptable sanitary guidelines.

·         Coordinates individuals to fulfill maintenance needs and conform to standards when deficiencies are observed.

·         Manages individuals to fulfill maintenance needs and conform to standards when deficiencies are observed.


Safety & Compliance

·         Serves as primary FBST contact for Catholic Charities compliance calls regarding workplace safety and OSHA.

·         Facilitates inter-department safety meetings with a robust syllabus of materials, post-accident review, and increased awareness amongst warehouse staff.

·         Responsible for compliance and execution of all FBST Food Safety Manuals, DOT Compliance, Warehouse Operations Manuals, Food Safety Programs, and DEC.

·         Performs safety audits and inspects facilities and equipment to identify and correct potential hazards to ensure FBST is OSHA compliant.

·         Directs corrective action identified in all internal and external audits as necessary.

·         Conducts basic Food Distribution Center Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) training with all new employees, temporary personnel, volunteers, and contractors.

·         Maintains contractor compliance by ensuring insurance certificates and contractor hot sheets are signed and kept on file.

·         Maintains and files all DOT, trip logs, and service records.

·         Works with the Food Bank's Nutrition Resource Manager and Production Manager to assist in the FBST product recall process.

·         Performs monthly self-audits of the facility regarding food safety manuals and Integrated Pest Management, collaborating with the COO on needs related to remediation.

·         Facilitates and executes all facets of the Integrated Pest Management Program, including weekly inspection and remediation requirements given by the FBST IPM vendor.

·         Ensures warehouse staff maintain all internal cleaning logs.

·         Maintains an AIB audit-ready facility at all times.

·         Maintains required self and staff certifications per AIB, Feeding America, and NYS DEC standards.

·         Main point of contact for all food safety and regulatory audits, including but not limited to NYS DEC, AIB, Feeding America, NYS Ag & Mkts, Internal auditors, local fire inspection, etc.

·         In collaboration with the COO, maintains the FBST's workplace safety manual and food safety and sanitation compliance manuals in accordance with Feeding America and AIB standards as they relate to Food Distribution Centers and ensures adherence to the policies therein.

·         Provides communication on safety to staff through articles, newsletters, signage, toolbox meetings, etc.

·         Conducts a monthly inspection to assess how well the facility implements and monitors prerequisite and food safety programs, reports the findings to the COO, and assists in an action plan to correct deficiencies. 

·         Identifies forklift (re)certification needs and administers certification training as needed.

·         Maintains Serv-Safe certification and coordinates ongoing Serv-Safe training and education to appropriate staff.

·         Understand the personal responsibility to follow all safety policies, health rules, programs, and procedures, report all unsafe acts, environment, or behaviors immediately, and always report safety issues, incidents, or accidents immediately.

·         Maintain records of mandatory training.


·         Serves as a member of the Food Bank's Senior Leadership Team and works collaboratively with colleagues throughout the organization to ensure the alignment with the broader goals of the Food Bank.

·         Identifies opportunities to break down silos and ensure transparent and effective communication and partnership across departments.

·         Positively contributes to the organizational culture by promoting and modeling the organizational values.


·         Directs and leads the Warehouse Operations team.

·         Establish relationships based on trust and mutual accountability.

·         Ensures staff members are familiar with and adhere to organizational values, policies, and procedures.

·         Engages staff in the development of annual goals and objectives.

·         Meets regularly with staff to track progress to goals and provide regular feedback on performance in addition to formal annual performance evaluations.

·         Ensures the ongoing development and effectiveness of the team by making available adequate tools, systems, and training on a consistent basis to carry out work effectively.

·         Hires, trains, schedules, motivates, evaluates, supports, and directs employees to optimize workplace productivity and promote professional growth.


·         Other duties as assigned.



The details:

Location – Office-based  

Schedule – Full-time, salaried, summer hours all year long

Salary – Starts at $72,000 annually, offers are dependent upon experience

Benefits – Medical/Dental/Vision, paid time off, holidays (between 11 – 15 per year), supplemental insurance options (EAP, Legal Shield, Identity Shield, and many others), 401K, retirement