Job Application - Catholic Charities Food Bank Of The Southern Tier

Job Posting OPEN

Service Insights Coordinator


The Service Insights Coordinator is responsible for providing support for the Food Bank’s FreshTrak initiatives. FreshTrak is an electronic client intake and data collection platform in use at food pantries and MFPs. The Food Bank uses FreshTrak to give insights on gaps in serving the hungry and responding more effectively in meeting community needs.  This position coordinates the Food Bank’s FreshTrak technical assistance efforts, including trainings for new and existing agency users, conducting agency visits, developing written communications, and implementing incentive and award programs. Additionally, the Service Insights Coordinator assists with Mobile Food Pantry phone registrations. The position entails travel throughout the Food Bank’s six-county service area, with 60% of the position’s time working outside the Food Bank and 40% working on-site at the Food Bank.



A FreshTrak

1.       Helps assess agency readiness and reception to FreshTrak. Implements an incentive program to on-board new agencies. Assists the Service Insights Manager in communication, review and delivery of FBST awards to agencies for computer, wi-fi and internet services.

2.       Assists the Service Insights Manager with trainings for new FreshTrak users and supports agencies with implementation, including visits to sites after FreshTrak launch. Keeps track of support provided.

3.       Provides day-to-day technical assistance to existing Service Insights/FreshTrak agency users. Helps agency users implement new aspects of Fresh Trak, including key tags, managing the TEFAP attestation, and incorporating additional data elements. Maintains agency profiles in FreshTrak to ensure there is the most current information.  Informs the Service Insights Manager about instances where more extensive training/re-training is needed.

4.       Collaborates with the Service Insights Manager to develop and distribute regular communications to prospective and existing agency users to highlight important features and support and equip users with resources. Participates in Feeding America Service Insights Learning Cluster as needed.

5.       Maintains frequent communication with Programs and Partnerships Coordinators (PPCs) about FreshTrak agency developments. Works with PPCs to see where they can provide technical assistance to agencies via trainings, county agency meetings, and biennial site visits.

6.       Facilitates agency peer support and sharing, including matching new agencies with more experienced mentor agencies.

7.       Enters FreshTrak data as needed to assist sites.

8.       Enters monthly statistics into Primarius for a) partner agencies on FreshTrak, b) senior MFPs, and 3) regular MFPs. Follows up with sites and Service Insights Manager about questionable statistics.

9.       Keeps track of monthly reservations and service statistics for senior mobile food pantry sites. Assists these sites as needed so that statistics are entered in a timely manner.


B MFP Registration

1.       Takes MFP phone call registrations, as needed.

2.       Assists with online MFP registration data entry, as needed.


C General

Other duties as assigned.



Associate Degree preferred with a minimum of 1-year experience instructing adults, especially in using computers and technology, or a 3 years combination of education and experience.

Proficiency in using computer and information technology (Experience in Excel/databases, using tablets, laptops, and using Wi-Fi preferred.)

Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Ability to communicate via live or virtual presentations/trainings.

Possession of welcoming and patient personality and effective interpersonal skills.

Strong organizational  and project management skills

Ability to work independently and take initiative