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Senior Housing Case Manager - LaFrance


Coordination of care of the residential services and oversight of 24-hour scheduling and staffing of the ESSHI units located at the La France housing site.  



1.       Meet regularly with the Senior Housing Supervisor (SHS) for a review of file documentation.  is responsible for file documentation in accordance with funding regulations, agency policy, procedure, or business practice.

2.       Participate in agency orientation of program operations, policy, procedure, goals and objectives.

3.       In collaboration with the SHS will participate in the hiring process in accordance with agency policies that support program staffing.

4.       Mentor new staff to all program operations and compliance regulations, agency and program policy and procedures, and program practice and objectives, following the completion of the agency trainer requirements.

5.       Monitor evaluate and complete performance evaluations for Residential Aide(s) in accordance with agency policy and procedure.

6.       Oversee security company services at La France site, ensuring 24-hour, daily scheduling and staffing.

7.       Identify problems related to resources, training and personnel and report to the SHS to assist in a plan of corrective action.

8.       Facilitate the integration of the resident into the community, using community-based services whenever possible.

9.       Maintain accurate case file records and reports based on the requirements of the facilities funding source.

10.   Responsible for the documentation, development, and/or implementation of the following: assessments, service plan goals, service plan reviews, hospitalizations, discharge planning, progress notes, and income in accordance with the residential housing program, insuring that the completion of these documents is in accordance with agency policy, procedure, or business practice.  Documentation includes both written and data entry as required.

11.   Submit resident files to the SHS within 28-days of an admission for a complete file audit and review, ensuring compliance with the program regulations, policy, procedure, or business practice.

12.   Responsible for the renewal of file documents with expiration dates that include; Release of Information (ROI) and/or Consents to Release Information, Tenant Rent Calculation Worksheets, Income Verification.

13.   Ensure resident fees related to rent are paid in a timely manner and in accordance with agency policy, procedure, or business practice.   will assist as appropriate with delinquency issues.

14.   Assist, as needed, residents in complying with treatment/service providers, ensuring that there is no lapse in services/funding.

15.   Act as an advocate/mediator for residents experiencing difficulties with landlord/tenant disputes or provider, employment, funding related issues.

16.   Act as a resource and assist residents transitioning from the program to a more/less restrictive level of care, ensuring a continuity of care with providers and funding streams.

17.   Act as a resource to ensure that the resident has access to services and to ensure that the rights and confidentiality of the resident are not overlooked or denied.

18.   Conduct regular and routine housing inspections to see how residents are doing and to identify those who need help.  Communicate concerns with the SHS and work with the resident to maintain their unit or assist them to access homemaker or other needed services.  Intervention should be timely.

19.   Attend staff meetings, treatment team / provider meetings, and staff development/training seminars in accordance with agency policy, procedure, or business practice.

20.   Conduct monthly inspections of the physical complex, submit and monitor all work orders to the Providence Property Mgt. Dept., as needed, to correct any property and plant problems.

21.   Conduct and schedule routine property maintenance requests addressing interior and exterior property maintenance to include but not be limited to the following: painting, cleaning, and any necessary repairs to the CC ESSHI units.

22.   Monitor representative payee client accounts for residents of the facility, ensuring the timely payment of rent and utility expenses in collaboration with Admission Discharge Coordinator and SHS.

23.   Ensure that all resident rental payments are received on a timely basis.

24.   Maintain day-to-day relationships, as needed, with Providence Housing and funder officials in collaboration with the SHS.

25.   Responsible for purchasing start-up supplies for housing programs within the agency.

26.   Other duties as assigned.


TITLE OF DIRECT SUPERVISOR: Senior Housing Supervisor



Associates degree in Human Services.

Two years’ experience in Human Services or related field

Two years supervisory experience

A combination of education and experience may be substituted at the discretion of the Executive Director