Job Application - Catholic Charities Of Chemung Schuyler

Job Posting OPEN

Housing Assistant - Lafrance

PRIMARY FUNCTIONS: Provide continuity of service through hands-on instruction/assistance to participants, as needed in area’s intended to promote housing stability and independence. Ensure the safety and wellbeing of all participants. Assist and support the duties, tasks and responsibilities of the Senior Housing Case Manager as directed, as well as during his/her absence.


1. Provide assistance, instruction and oversight to the participants with the areas of daily living and skill development.

2. Provide immediate direction and support to participants by addressing participant issues and providing appropriate and necessary assistance with regard to crisis situations, as they arise.

3. Report and document all incidents, first aid treatments, medical emergencies, or other crisis according to policy and procedures.

4. Maintain documentation in daily logs/participant progress notes that pertain to significant events, progress toward goals, daily struggles, difficulty with other participants/neighbors, collateral contacts with participant providers, and staff interactions with participants as well as shift logs, and participant contacts throughout shift.

5. Review daily case notes and incident reports to familiarize yourself with the activities and status of all ESSHI participants.

6. Maintain clear and regular dialogue with all staff, to ensure continuity of care is maintained.

7. Follow agency safety, and emergency protocols.

8. Be apprised and familiar with the participant emergency contacts, hotline protocol and the location of emergency supplies at facility, utilizing police, crisis and hotline interventions as necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of all participants.

9. Ensure that people exercise their rights and that rights are not restricted without due process.

10. Ensure people are treated with dignity and respect.

11. Maintain and expand skills and knowledge relevant to providing high quality support and services, keeping abreast of and following program policies and procedures.

12. Appropriately communicate all pertinent information during the work shift and from shift to shift to other team members and/or assigned supervisor.

13. Ensure facility is never left unsupervised during scheduled shifts, never leaving the facility unattended.

14. Assist participants with transportation, as deemed necessary by program practice; including scheduled appointments or emergency needs should they arise.

15. Maintain agency vehicles in a safe, clean and functional condition, reporting any concerns or problems to an immediate supervisor.

16. Attend all mandatory staff meetings, staff development trainings and mandatory compliance training.

17. Maintain flexibility in work schedule based on needs of participants; including working overtime, non-traditional hours and/or covering additional shifts on an emergency basis. 18. Perform other duties as assigned.