Job Application - Catholic Charities Of Chemung Schuyler

Job Posting OPEN

Housing Case Manager

Please note that you need to fill out this application by answering all possible questions that you can including past employment history, education as well as contact information.  A Resume attached will not count as an application and will be marked as incomplete.  


1. Complete initial assessment, participant screening, tenancy requirements and regular support for program participants, as set forth by funders.

2. Assist participants in preparation, submission and renewal of forms/documents such as social security documents, tax and rent refund forms, housing applications, Department of Social Services etc. 

3. Assist participants with goal development and attainment including housing plan, budgeting, etc. 

4. Assist participants to further develop the competencies such as, but not limited to social support systems, daily living skills, and budgeting skills, using community-based services whenever possible. 

5. Assist participants with transportation and the development of skills to independently transport themselves.  

6. Interpret and institute the guidelines and regulations for all Housing programs, per the funders regulations. 

7. Ensuring apartments in all programs are maintained at standards established for apartment recertification and safeguarding that all participants are living in a healthy, safe and habitable environment; reporting the need for household furniture/supply replacement or property maintenance in a timely manner.

8. Ensure participant fees related to rent and program fees are paid in a timely manner and in accordance with agency policy, procedure, or business practice, assisting as appropriate with delinquency issues.

9. Assist, as needed, participants in complying with treatment/service providers, ensuring that there is no lapse in service/funding.

10. Advocate for the acquisition of housing and other community resources, ensuring coordination of services. 

11. Advocate/mediate for participants experiencing difficulties with landlord/tenant disputes or provider, employment, funding related issues.

12. Act as a resource and assist participants transitioning from the program to a more/less restrictive level of care, ensuring a continuity of care with providers and funding streams.

13. Act as a resource to ensure the participant has access to services and to ensure that the rights and confidentiality of the participant are not overlooked or denied.

14. Conduct routine housing inspections to see how participants are doing and to identify those who need help, communicating any concerns with the SHS and working in tandem with the participant to maintain their unit, providing a teaching opportunity, which will include hands on assistance or other service interventions. 

15. Implement emergency response procedures and notifications promptly, in case of participant injury or other circumstance.

16. Collaborate with team members and partner agency colleagues to identify, establish and implement processes that will ensure efficient operation of programs and services. 

17. Maintain accurate and comprehensive documentation (both written and data entry) on all participants sufficient to fulfill program evaluation and reporting obligations, including but not limited to assessments, service plan goals, service plan reviews, utilization reviews, hospitalizations, self-preservation testing, discharge planning, progress notes, and income. 

18. Demonstrate ability to work within applicable data systems, as required. 

19. Maintain all program records in a timely fashion, producing monthly and/or quarterly reports to appropriate funding and monitoring agencies.

20. Responsible for the renewal of file documents with expiration dates that include; release of information (ROI) and/or consents to release information, housing quality inspection packets, income verification.

21. Attend staff meetings, treatment team/provider meetings, and staff development/training seminars in accordance with agency policy, procedure, or business practice.

22. Other duties as assigned.


Bachelors’ degree in Human Services or Social Work and two years’ related experience preferred.

Associate degree in Human Services and four years’ related experience.

A combination of education and experience may be substituted at the discretion of the Executive Director.