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Emergency Shelter Manager


The Emergency Services Outreach and Shelter Manager performs the responsibilities, tasks and duties of the position under the direct supervision of the Emergency Services Director. The Emergency Services Supervisor participates as an active member of the Catholic Charities Management team and is responsible for and directs, manages, coordinates and supervises the Residential Case Manager II delivery of services related to Street outreach and homeless housing, shelter needs and Community Based Residential Program.


1. Responsible for interviewing, hiring and supervising staff and for the completion of annual staff evaluations in accordance with agency policy. Schedule staff coverage, concerns and call ins of all hours of operation including “code blue, Code Red” seasons.

2. Responsible for acting as a resource person/advocate to assure that all guests and clients have access to the services needed and to assure that the rights and confidentiality of the individuals are not overlooked or denied

3. Supervise Residential Case Manager II, Outreach worker and Shelter Workers. Provide guidance direction and oversight or job duties.

4. Ensure staff receive appropriate training

5. Ensuring housing locations are ready for inspections, food supply maintained, cleaning and supplies available, and household chores are being maintained per program rules and agency standards (including maintenance, appliance, work orders, any other areas needing attention).

6. Review data entry of RCM II and ensure accuracy and timely completion of; including but not limited to; Admissions, Individualized Service Plans, assessments, hospitalizations, discharge planning, client tracking, progress notes, releases of information, and income in accordance with each residential housing programs.

7. Network with police, churches, social services providers and attend agency and community meetings.

8. Facilitate/participate in the Point in Time survey, FLPPS projects, the community response team assessing Homeless Cases, and provide oversight to community partners and volunteers to develop appropriate protocols and service delivery.

9. Participate in agency, county and admissions department meeting and have knowledge of expectations and housing vacancies, make/ensure referrals for screenings as appropriate.

10. Provide case supervision, supervise eligibility determinations and resolve disputes.

11. Data tracking “Code Blue” admissions and transportation, daily, monthly, quarterly and annual reporting to funders as scheduled.

12. Provide Administrative on call guidance to SPE staff in emergency situations, in collaboration with Emergency Services Director.

13. Responsible for the completion and timely submission of all internal and external reports required by funding sources.

14. Responsible for monitoring and maintaining purchase, storage, inventory, and distribution of bulk purchases/donations.

15. Responsible for establishing/implementing annual program goals and objectives and for ensuring that programs are held to measurable outcomes.

16. Ensure compliance with contracts

17. Maintain statistical database and case management files. Prepare monthly reports as required by funders.


Emergency Shelter Manager

STATUS: Non- Exempt


Emergency Services

W/C#: 8810

EEO #: 2


Catholic Charities of Chemung/Schuyler


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DEVELOPED: 09/2013 REVISED: 9.18

18. Collaborate with Quality Management & Compliance Officer in the creation/submission of plans of corrective actions as indicated by monitoring and audits. Develop, maintain and adhere to Policy & Procedure Manuals

19. Work collaboratively with staff at all levels to ensure the delivery of quality services.

a. Collaborate with the Development staff and participate in special events and other community relation strategies to increasing resources to the department.

b. Coordinate with the Gateway Admissions unit including Bridger outreach activities.

c. Coordinate volunteer staff, i.e., scheduling/activities and cross training where appropriate.

20. Other duties as assigned.


EDUCATION: Associates degree in Human Services or related field

EXPERIENCE: Highschool and three years’ experience