Job Application - Providence Housing Development Corp

Job Posting OPEN

Regional Property Manager

Providence Housing has an opening for a Regional Property manager. This Regional Property Manager will coordinate the management of a portfolio of properties, including but not limited to the specific duties


1. Assigns tasks to property managers and monitors workflow;

2. Directs on-site staff regarding programs and implementation of services in the property maintenance, housing management and cost assessment functions of properties;

3. Trains and monitors staff on the control systems to assure compliance with established regulatory legal guidelines and policies in areas such as the New York State Homes & Community Renewal (HCR)

Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC), federal and state requirements, Department of Housing and

Urban Development (HUD), Rural Development (RD), Fair Housing Regulations, leasing functions, tenant grievance hearings or other legal actions;

4. Supervises management personnel responsible for all activities associated with the day-to-day occupancy of the properties;

5. Participates in creating annual operating and capital improvement budgets, and monitors same;

6. Collaborate with Maintenance Coordinator as needed;

7. Monitors financial performance of the properties;

8. Prepares and submits reporting requirements to appropriate regulatory authorities and partners;

9. Recommends and monitors the operations of a variety of on-site programs established to improve the quality of life of the tenants;

10. Evaluates employee performance, goals and objectives, and standard operating requirements to identify training needs and assist in establishing training programs;

11. Supervises the eviction of tenants when necessary and assists with eviction proceedings;

12. Informs the Director of Asset Management of activities and project status;

13. Assists with collection efforts and past due tenant accounts;

14. Collaborates with marketing department to prepare appropriate marketing material and ensures that all published information is correct;

15. Keeps apprised of all rules, regulations, statutes, laws, required to maintain a low income housing project;

16. Responds to unresolved complaints of tenants;

17. Process and review accounts payables in accordance with company policy and procedures;

18. Participates as requested in other assignments;


  • 100% compliance with fair housing regulations and regulatory requirements.
  • Achieve targeted cash flow for properties.
  • Ensure high level of tenant satisfaction.
  • Maintain an overall occupancy rate of 97% or more for property portfolio.
  • Ensure units do not remain vacant for more than 30 days.
  • Ensure collection of 98% of scheduled rents by the end of the month in which they are due.
  • Ensure that 100% of all tenant recertification are completed at least 30 days prior to the effective date.
  • Ensure the passing of regulatory compliance visits with no adverse findings.
  • Ensure overall tenant satisfaction.
  • Continual completion of improvement projects.


Education Bachelor’s Degree strongly preferred.

Experience 5 years experience in Property Management, with 3 years experience with affordable housing programs required.